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Steven was outside on the beach reading manga or some shit, when all of a sudden a strange, strangled noise got his attention. "I think I heard something," he said. "Yeah. It kinda sounds like..."

"Waah!" Then there was the sound of a large object landing on the ground, and a cloud of sand puffed up a distance away.

"Mayor Dewey!" Steven ran over to the spot where the mayor was lying on the ground. "Mayor Dewey, are you OK?"

"Ohhh, my back..." said the mayor. But then he realized by the shadow standing over him that he was not alone, and quickly sprung up and dusted the sand off his suit jacket. "I mean, oh...Steven! It's you!"


"Uh, hi. Wait, it's Monday. Shouldn't you be at school or something?"

"What is this 'school' you speak of?" Oh yeah, Mayor Dewey had forgotten that Steven was a bit different than the other residents of Beach City... "Oh, and what are you doing here tripping all over seaweed? That's not safe!"

"M-me? Here?" Fuck. Mayor Dewey flinched in response to the question. "I-i' to inspect the beach of course! It's part of my duties of the mayor of Beach City! I was certainly not attempting to quell the longing in my heart for your hot sister and trying to think of something to say to her, because that would be silly!"

"Oh, right, that makes sense." said Steven. "Well what sort of stuff are you inspecting the beach for? Everything looks pretty normal to me."

"Wha-well-um-uh-th-th-the-there's lots of things to improve around here, my boy! The sandiness of the beach, all of this...darn seaweed lying around everywhere," he said, kicking the offending piece of seaweed away. "and do you see that one sand dune over there?" He said, leading Steven's eyes towards an inconspicuous sand dune some yards away. "Voted Beach City's top civic improvement goal for 2016."

"Ahhhhh." Steven said nodding in understanding.

"So you see, Steven, I'm just here, parked with my van outside your house, for purely benign reasons. Totally benign. Not because I woke up at three in the morning from the deep longing tearing me up inside, leading me towards this poorly thought out decision in my life. Yup."

"Oh wait! If you're to sort things out, I know who can help you! She's a great sorter!" Steven clapped his hands together. "Let me go get her. Peeeaaaaaarrrrrlll!" He yelled as he ran towards the direction of his beach house.

Oh fuck, no. "No, Steven, that won't be necessary! We have a committee for this sort of thing already!"

But it was too late. The vision of ever heavenly and graceful beauty that was named Pearl had stepped out of the house, and was conversing with Steven. Mayor Dewey could only stare on in horror as whatever Steven was talking about involved a lot of gesticulating and pointing towards his direction. His survival instincts that were trying to tell him to run away were at odds with his inner desire to die right on the spot as his heart pounded, and he saw her walking this way, and damn you Steven I wasn't ready for this, and his arm pits were starting to get sweaty again, and his skin was feeling so hot it might melt off him, and and and...!

Pearl stood in front of the cowering mayor, smiled and said, "So, Steven was telling me about how about your human civilization was collapsing due to organizational problems and you needed help before total chaos set in."

"Uh... Yes." He responded.

"Excellent! That shouldn't be too hard of a problem to solve then. Let's go!"

And so started Mayor Dewey's awkward as hell afternoon with an hot, attractive space alien...


"I see what you mean now." Said Pearl as they pulled up to boardwalk in the Deweymobile. "This place is a mess."

"Uh, it is?" No way, upkeep of Beach City's boardwalk was his pride and joy. Photos of it were all over the official visitor's guide.

"Of course! The trashcan to bench ratio is unbalanced, not to mention the asymmetry of the kiosks lining the street--Oh, the pitiable state that humanity lives in!"

On the boardwalk was Onion. He had finished eating a bag of chips and crumpled the bag into a ball to toss into the trashcan. Instead of going inside, it bounced off the rim and on to the ground. Onion shrugged.

"Why wasn't I made aware of this sooner?!" Pearl clutched at her hair.

And so Mayor Dewey spent the next two hours of backbreaking labor with Pearl organizing the streets. Although, Mayor Dewey did get lucky in the sense that he was picking up the smaller pieces, such as litter, while Pearl handled rearranging the street benches with ease.

And sure enough...things looked fantastic.

"Alright, let's move on to the next area of improvement!" said Pearl, pumped up with her own work.

"Hold on... I wasn't quite done sweating yet." And then Mayor Dewey collapsed.


The Deweymobile's AC was cranked up to its highest setting as Mayor Dewey, though exhausted, was finally spending time on with the person that plagued his dreams, and to his surprise, she seemed excited. Enthusiastic. Enjoying the time. This was making him feel hot underneath the collar, but he tried to focus his eyes on the road, lest he spend too much time looking at the goddess in his passenger seat and crash and die.

They were driving around looking for places to improve upon, when Mayor Dewey pulled up to a place he knew well: a certain residential area that he remembered clearly spending way too much of his budget (and time) on before, trying to get it just right. A personal pet-peeve that he tried to fine tune for a long time, because it was his first time being so intimate to the project. And now he prepared himself for the inevitably of spending even more work on it.

But then what Pearl said made him stop in his tracks.

"Wait... You really like it?"

"Yes actually. The planning of this subdivision is already fairly close to harmonic ideals as is, all accounting for the effects of erratic human habition."


"It's wonderful..." Mayor Dewey could have sworn he saw stars sparkle in her eyes. Inner fist pump. Yessssssss.


It was a resting point, and the Deweymobile had stopped somewhere quiet. The sun was starting to set.

"Isn't it starting to get late? Wouldn't this normally be the time that humans corral their young into the household so that way they'd be safe and can regroup into a family unit?" Pearl asked.

"Yeah, well... Junior's is at his friend's house most of the time. I think. But he's usually back in time for breakfast. And then school. And then back with his friends. Again." Pearl saw Mayor Dewey drop his hands from the steering wheel. "You know, it wasn't always like this. I think ever since... his mother...went away, I haven't been doing as good as a job as a parent as I could have. For giving him that structure he can depend on when he needed it a lot. Things kinda fell apart for a while."

"I' sorry to hear about that." Pearl said. "But I can certainly understand that sort of situation." She said, rubbing her arm, looking downwards as a bad memory passed.

"Yeah, I know I can't be the only one dealing with this sort of situation. But it's still hard." He said looking out into the sky.

"And confusing." She said in return.

"Tell me about it." The moment was quiet as the human and the alien thought about their own familial shortcomings, and difficulties with raising a kid. But then Mayor Dewey decided to break the air. "But you know, I want to thank you for all of your help today in trying to save Beach Ci--"

"You know," Pearl interrupted. "If it's structure and organizing that you need help with..."

"What?" Mayor Dewey eyes widened at the unexpected statement.

"...You can ask me for help. I'd... like to help you."

"Ah...haha, thanks, but it's OK. I don't know what got into me, I shouldn't have said anything."

"You're not the only one who's going through a tough time." Said Pearl as she clutched her hands. "I don't mind helping you out. I can at least help you organize and give you the structure you need!" She said, starry sky blue eyes looking into his brown ones.

"Structure...?" He said, drawn in closer to her every word.

"And order too." Pearl said, seeing her own reflection in the other person's eyes, before looking down at something that brushed against her hands. Mayor Dewey's hands had brushed against her own.

When he realized what he accidentally done, that he had touched the beautiful space goddess, he tried to pull his hands back, but. But. She was holding them gently. And pulled them close to herself.

He wasn't too sure if it was the heat of the moment, or the exhaustion finally getting to him, but it seemed as if a glow had started to come off of her as he got closer to her, and her to him. Soon they were both enveloped in each other's warmth and light...
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Prompt: Apollo/Phoenix anything as long as its sex.

Apollo Justice was there on his bed, wearing red headphones and reading some manga or some shit.

Suddenly, Hobo Phoenix Wright's head arose from the side of the bed. Apollo's own head was bobbing to the beat of the music as he continued reading. Phoenix Wright continued to rise up slowly.

Apollo flipped a page of the book, engrossed in the narrative. The action of his movement caused the connection for his headphones to become fuzzy before breaking altogether. Apollo was snapped out of his flow, and thought to himself that he definitely should go buy some better headphones next time he was out.

In the sudden contemplation afforded to him at that moment, he noticed that something else was quite off aside from the music.

Oh no, what happens next? )
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...In order to get back at the mouse in my closet by depriving it of clutter and shelter, for the fact that the fucking rat gave me the goddamn bubonic plague! Argh!

I noticed one day that the paper mache projects on the top shelf of my closet were shredded apart on the areas that I recognized to be where I used more flour than usual in my paper mache, along with the tell-tale dust-fecal mix that indicated a mouse. I take out all the books that I had along the the shelf, take a spray bottle of disinfectant in hand, and wipe everything down with a napkin. But along the way, I breathed in the dust, while some of it got in my eyes. The next day, bubonic plague is abrewing, and I'm astewing at this freaking mouse asshole for getting me sick.

Perhaps there is something funny about the fact that in my effort to use up all the scrolls of paper that I have stacked in my closet to rid myself of a mouse, my current project is to make a fox paper mache statue based off the kitsune statues in front shrines of Inari, who are said to be helpers of the food/grain god in due part to the fact that they eat field mice.

Oh ho ho ho ho ho.
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Yoshitoshi: Tametomos Ferocity Drives away the Smallpox Demons

"Oh, God, I'm sick!"

That's me, I'm the shirtless person. Ignoring the fact that the screaming shirtless person is actually a Japanese demon who personifies smallpox, he's looking exactly how I look now that I'm a bit under the weather.

However being sick is topical right now, since the excellent video game studio from Russia, Ice-Pick Lodge, is trying to get people hyped up with the news that their famous PC game Pathologic is getting a remake! Woo, !
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No computer, no job, no printer (for printing resumes at home instead of at a library), no hope. But I still dream a little, and I have my cellphone to write with, so hey, maybe I'll try writing some stuff here.

I do like the way Dreamwidth works and looks a lot better than LiveJournal, so this is pretty fun so far.I don't really expect people to come and look here, so this journal kinda feels secret, and that's always fun too. :)


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