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Strangely enough I was writing this on my own before I read the prompt (A lie)

Prompt: Apollo/Phoenix anything as long as its sex.

Apollo Justice was there on his bed, wearing red headphones and reading some manga or some shit.

Suddenly, Hobo Phoenix Wright's head arose from the side of the bed. Apollo's own head was bobbing to the beat of the music as he continued reading. Phoenix Wright continued to rise up slowly.

Apollo flipped a page of the book, engrossed in the narrative. The action of his movement caused the connection for his headphones to become fuzzy before breaking altogether. Apollo was snapped out of his flow, and thought to himself that he definitely should go buy some better headphones next time he was out.

In the sudden contemplation afforded to him at that moment, he noticed that something else was quite off aside from the music.

He turned around in his bed to see that Phoenix Wright there behind him on the other corner of the bed, standing up, pants down, smooth ass and hairy legs exposed to the open, and with a large, white, and slightly shit-and-feather-covered egg underneath him. Hobo Phoenix Wright turned around as well when he felt eyes staring upon him.

"Phoenix!" Apollo stood up quickly from the bed, and readied himself into an action pose in case he needed to defend his territory.

Phoenix Wright didn't make a move, and only stared at him with soft eyes, his ass and legs exposed.

Apollo quickly perceived that something was different from how his mentor usually reacted. "Phoenix."

But Phoenix only continued to look upon Apollo without saying a word. He stood over the egg calmly, not attempting to defend himself, nor deny anything.

"Mr. Wright, what does this mean? Why you did you come over here, to me?"

Phoenix eye's had a deep intensity behind them that it seemed like Apollo was able to see the pain of his mentor's life in person, instead of only having heard about it in fragmented stories from Trucy's whispered voice and hidden newspaper clippings.

It was then that Phoenix spoke.

"Caw caw."

Apollo couldn't think of anything to say. His defensive posed drop as he realized that Phoenix posed no harm to him. Instead, he was beginning to realize just how vulnerable Phoenix and... the egg... were. It was Phoenix who felt the most threatened in this moment, and yet he did not attempt to hide anything.

"Phoenix... why did you choose here?"

Phoenix eyes looked at him.

"...Why did you choose me?"

Phoenix closed his eyes, since that question was almost too much to bear.

"Mr. Wright..." Apollo's voice was weak.

Phoenix opened his eyes again. Apollo had sat back down on the bed, near where the still pants-down hobo stood. Apollo looked up into his eyes. Apollo was still confused by this series of incidents, but he thought that he understood one thing about what Phoenix was trying to ask him.

Apollo sidled over closer to Phoenix, making nervous eye contact with the man. As he got closer, Phoenix Wright's brain was addled with fight or flight instincts trying to decide whether to kick in, or wait. Phoenix would sometimes break eye contact as he looked to made sure that Apollo didn't make sudden moves towards the egg.

It felt like hours, but Apollo was finally beside Phoenix. Phoenix and Apollo's hearts raced, and Phoenix could barely take the tension anymore before running out of the room. But. his hand was held gently, breaking him out of the blind terror.

"Mr. Wright. I'm honored."

Apollo pulled him down gently to sit on the bed (and not on the egg), where he got access to make a kiss. Phoenix was snapped out of his prey animal mindset, and was able to think to himself that he had made the right choice of who to trust all along.

But the egg had not read the Dreamwidth age protection policy where it said that only those 18 years or older could read the kink meme before entering the site, so it was subjected to hearing some very suggestive moans and caw-caws that night as the bed rocked it to sleep.

The end.