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...In order to get back at the mouse in my closet by depriving it of clutter and shelter, for the fact that the fucking rat gave me the goddamn bubonic plague! Argh!

I noticed one day that the paper mache projects on the top shelf of my closet were shredded apart on the areas that I recognized to be where I used more flour than usual in my paper mache, along with the tell-tale dust-fecal mix that indicated a mouse. I take out all the books that I had along the the shelf, take a spray bottle of disinfectant in hand, and wipe everything down with a napkin. But along the way, I breathed in the dust, while some of it got in my eyes. The next day, bubonic plague is abrewing, and I'm astewing at this freaking mouse asshole for getting me sick.

Perhaps there is something funny about the fact that in my effort to use up all the scrolls of paper that I have stacked in my closet to rid myself of a mouse, my current project is to make a fox paper mache statue based off the kitsune statues in front shrines of Inari, who are said to be helpers of the food/grain god in due part to the fact that they eat field mice.

Oh ho ho ho ho ho.
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